Love Wainuiomata would like to share an update with our Wainuiomata community

Find out:

> where things are at with the Queen St Plan

> the changes in response to a lower funding level and the wider upcoming redevelopment of the Mall, and the future redevelopment of the Hub

> what’s up next and how YOU can get involved to bring our town centre to life (and have a lot of fun doing it!)

We’re sharing an update we’ve recently submitted via Hutt City Council’s “Have Your Say” annual feedback with a few changes and additions that incorporate new opportunities and developments that have arisen since then.

Nga mihi, Love Wainuiomata Team


Thank you Hutt City Council for showing strong support for our 2018 submission to the Long Term Plan (LTP) which covers 2018-2021. We would also like to extend our aroha to our Wainuiomata community for sharing their vision and supporting this journey.

Love Wainuiomata greatly appreciates Hutt City Council allocating funding of $300,000 for the 2018-2021 period to support our community-led development and kaupapa. Love Wainuiomata’s LTP Submission requested support to deliver on two key areas of growth and rejuvenation our community identified as being essential via the Wainuiomata Development Plan:

1. Transforming Queen St into a vibrant town centre where everyone feels at home and connected.

2. Growing our stunning valley with a whole lot of heart (and heaps to do!) as a top destination for our locals and visitors.

Love Wainuiomata requested funding of $450,000 to reflect the capital expenditure costs needed to deliver the full Queen St rejuvenation plan where each zone is similar in scale and costs to the BBQ/Kai Zone which we’ve already installed on Queen St Reserve.

Love Wainuiomata was approved for funding of $300,000 which is split 50/50 between operational and project allocations. We’re very appreciative of this support from HCC. How we deliver the Queen St plan is now being reassessed not only in the practical monetary concerns of lower funding but also to ensure we’re maximising the community potential from the impending mall redevelopment and future redevelopment of the Wainuiomata Community Hub.  

This means that the Queen St plan will not have the larger scale capital expenditure projects delivered like the BBQ/Kai Zone via HCC contractors. Instead we’ll be progressing the zones and stages through a more grassroots placemaking approach with trials, pop-ups, activations and mini-makeovers where we’d love to see our community and local businesses taking ownership alongside us to make things happen.

By working in partnership with our community and HCC we’ll keep moving forward with the Wainuiomata Development Plan to bring Queen St to life. We’ll be trialing the Queen St plan stages in a variety of ways from the very temporary to projects that could last several years. These trials will better inform permanent projects that sit in the longer HCC plan, and assist that community engagement and participation.

With this more “temporary” approach for Love Wainuiomata (hours to a few years) it allows our community to develop together an increasingly vibrant Queen St, whilst still being flexible. This means we can respond to opportunities that will arise in the coming months and years with the redevelopment of the Mall, and future redevelopment-reimagining of the Wainuiomata Community Hub.

Love Wainuiomata will engage with community to grow our Queen St vibrancy through a wide range of experiences including regular pop-ups, events, projects and semi-permanent trials (from months to a few years).

Love Wainuiomata’s grass-roots mahi is informed by Placemaking, which is an internationally recognised people focused approach to improving public spaces. We’re committed to working with our community to discover the wellbeing, social and economic benefits of transforming our town centre into a “Third Place” for all of Wainuiomata.

We’re excited to be trialing experiences and projects that empower our community to have ownership and share through active consultation and real-world engagement. Our trial-it-out kaupapa, with the temporary informing the permanent, is a great fit with HCC’s ‘mahia atu’ philosophy.

We’re confident our approach is a great complement to HCC’s work and will assist HCC, including the Wainuiomata Community Board, to bring those learnings and connections into the bigger planning and conversation for Wainuiomata as they move closer to redeveloping the Wainuiomata Community Hub, as well as HCC’s wider thinking around the spatial plan and social connectivity of Wainuiomata.  

For now Love Wainuiomata is growing our activations and planning for a range of temporary projects from pop-up experiences to useable assets that will energise our town centre with increased participation.

We’re already bringing Queen St to life every Friday night (rain or shine) 6.00pm-7.00pm with a weekly experience. This is on the shop side over the darker months, and started in the Reserve when it was lighter and warmer. Experiences so far include “Kicks & Kai” where we teamed up with the Wainuiomata Football Club who brought Queen St to life with tamariki playing football. More recently we did “Table Tennis & Kai” where kids and adults were playing table tennis on Queen St beside the Tuatahi Centre on a community table tennis table created in partnership with rangatahi and YOUth Inspire, and “Waiata & Kai” which was a fantastic singing session with great support from local Kaumatua.

We’re collaborating with the Hub, Hub Partners and our community to develop experiences that will engage our community to feel at home in our town centre, and empowered to use the incredible activities and natural taonga of our valley. These past school holidays in April we worked with Wainuiomata Community Hub to see our town centre come to life as more than 200 children and their whanau connected with each other on an Easter Scavenger Hunt.

We’re still guided by the Queen St plan and are working to activate and trial Stage Two (Activity Zone in Queen St Reserve) and Stage Three (Whanau Zone by the Library entrance). This has involved to date activities in these areas, as well as an initial improvement of the decking area in the whanau zone. These activations will continue and we’re looking to trial out some key play/exercise equipment in both zones, as well as a targeted community mini-Makeover in the Whanau Zone to make it a year round offering with a wide range of use.

For our Destination work a priority is exploring signage and wayfinding opportunities to better connect our well loved assets to get win-wins for our visitors and locals. We want to ensure that those already popular zones like the Shared Path and Waiu Park/Wainuiomata Trail Park connect with the rest of our valley’s great offerings. We’re working in consultation with HCC to ensure our passion for trialling out ideas will feed into their longer term plans and vision for Wainuiomata.

Love Wainuiomata is excited to be able to continue our partnership with our community and HCC so that together we can achieve the best for Wainuiomata and Lower Hutt.

Now is the time for our locals including individuals, whanau, clubs, groups and businesses to get onboard and bring the Queen St rejuvenation plan to life. There’s lots of fun and meaningful ways you can transform our town centre that also benefit you, your group or business. 

Chat with us now 020 4116 9759, and get involved to make our Town Centre amazing!

Ngā mihi nui Love Wainuiomata Team


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